Unit F set to release Year of Truth 

Hey all....great news. We are more than excited to announce the imminent release of our next album. Written over the covid years, the seven song release was recorded over the 2021-2022 period by producer Jim Monroe and Unit F, featuring the lyrics and vocals of Mel Schantz, the sonic guitarwork of Dave Costa, percussive drumming of Andy David and the driving bass of Brian Taylor. 

We have released an advance single on Bandcamp, In Our Face  which will also be available here for your streaming pleasure.....a rather robust rant about socio-economic stratification, and the continuing effects which we can all see in our daily lives. So that would not quite be an ode to the glories of capitalism, but then again, we know no other way but to speak truth to power. And yeah, you weren't imagining it...that power paradigm? Its getting worse by the day....

But back to the album. The stunning art design by John Mairs of 13 Stitches Magazine pretty much captures the upbeat mood of the songs, delivered again with punk rock energy in a style and manner that is too fast to be goth, and just out of the box enough to redefine what it means to be punk. 

In other news, we might even have finished a couple of music videos shot by the off kilter Joe Gill...one for Jesus Saves (sarcasm people!) and another for Bad Monkeys. Shot live, they feature the current line up of Mel, Dave, Brian and Andy. 

So swing by our bandcamp or facebook pages, and say what you need to after you say hi. 2023 is pretty much here, but before it is, we should have the digital platforms up to speed. 


Mel the singer guy



For Immediate Release 

March 30, 2020 

Release of a Four Song Super Single – Human Zoo, New line up announced 


Socio-political Orange County dark punk band, Unit F is releasing a four song ‘super single’ even as they announced the additions of drummer Andy David (Failing Up) and Peter Moreno (Carpit). The four song represents material recorded with the last line up, and includes the songs Memo (To Myself), Human Zoo, Jesus Saves, and It’s Okay. 

“Yeah 2019 was really good for us in a creative sense” said singer lyricist Mel Schantz. “But then it got a bit tumultuous for the band. There we were on our way to recording a full length, and suddenly all these personal issues began to arise, and we had to hit the pause button. So, we just decided to release the four songs because they were good, topical and represent the kind of direction we are still going in.” 

“Guitarist Dave Costa and I put a lot of work into those recordings, and since we were determined to keep going, we felt the release was a good thing. Recent addition Andy David is a perfect fit…bringing dynamics, obvious talent and a lot of good song writing, but we needed to release these tracks so we could get on with new material” said Schantz. 

The ‘super single’ is self-released, and is entitled Human Zoo and will be available on all the normal digital platforms including the bands website (www.UnitFmusic.com), Bandcamp (https://unitf.bandcamp.com), CD Baby, and Reverbnation. “I think the songs represent our typical blend of social commentary, the esoteric and some other issues that we have come face to face with” Schantz continued. 

Memo (to myself) features a rhythmic bass line that morphs into a charged song about the subtle trap of corporate systems that turn on their makers, a surprise break and harmony laden choruses. Human Zoo on the other hand is a slower paced, poignant look at the urban dichotomy of homelessness amidst gentrified Los Angeles, featuring lush harmonies to highlight an apocalyptic reality. 

Jesus Saves shows the bands willingness to use a voiced sarcasm to show the blind hypocrisy of religious theocrats and their followers. Using a jaunty, raucous, rock approach to the sound to deliver the punk. The final song is It’s Okay reviews complacency as the delusion which justifies social comfort (“…So you turn around and your life has gone by…”), and features the bands trademark dark chords and punctuated timing breaks which drive the song to a chaotic end. 

With 2019 now behind the band, 2020 is proving to be no piece of cake either but for other reasons all together. “Well, there we were, all ready to go-good shows lined up.  Andy was ready, Pete was rocking, and Dave and I were excited. And we were even beginning to think about a new album before….this whole virus crisis turned into the rolling shutdown. Challenging to say the least, as anyone involved with music already knows” Schantz continued. “With the new line up, we can’t wait until we can get out and play again. In the meantime, we’ll hunker down and keep expanding the song writing horizon”. With venues shutdown, festival cancellations and without a definitive timeline for a return to normalcy, Unit F is currently exploring the live stream options. Interestingly, older Unit F material speaks to much of what is happening, and all indications are that the band will offer more reflections on “how we got here and where we are going”. 

For copies of the ‘super single’, lyrics, the current biography, interview requests or band events, 

Contact Mel Schantz at mel4noise@aol.com 


Or visit the band websites 






New Drummer and a Super Single Release! 


Finishing the decade with a chill, how about that Artic Vortex? It’s a good think that climate change is not well upon us, otherwise the summers would be getting hotter, and the winters more intense and colder. Not to get all apocalyptic about it, but these are the repercussions of a living planet that may not appreciate all the things we are foisting upon her. Ecocide…it’s more than just the title of our last album.

So, having said that, we all need to keep putting one foot in front of the other, conscious that each act matters. Activism starts with each of us, and as a band, we believe that being aware of all that is going on with and around us, is fundamentally important. It is never too late to start making the changes that matter!

So, as a band, we usually try to make songs that either reflect current realities or offer perspectives that consider alternative looks at those realities. Often those deeper looks consider questions like…how in the hell did we get here? For instance, Ecocide, released in 2018, features songs like Bad Monkeys, Blacksnake, Decay, Look Up Bro, Horrifying, Falter and Raven. Check out the lyrics posted on the usual sites if you are interested in those perspectives.

So, enough of the waxing poetic and on with the Announcements! Andy David is the new Unit F drummer. A well-traveled musician whose last stint was in the so-cal band Failing Up, Andy brings an amazing talent for percussive precision which is matched only by his dynamics. Unit F has always favored hard hitting drummers, so Andy certainly fits that bill.

As an added bonus, Andy enjoys the songwriting process….and his involvement working with guitarist Dave Costa and vocalist Mel Schantz shows why that can be a good idea. Looking forward to 2020, Unit F will again be touring with new material that should compliment the songs we play from Ecocide, Comes the Day and American Shutdown. Here is a little hint…if preliminary runs are any indication, the new songs will be…emm, harder hitting without sacrificing content or relevancy. We won’t try and claim hardcore, but it’s getting pretty core.

Enough about what is to come, lets talk about what is here. To finish off 2019 with a bang, Unit F is pleased to announce the release of a ‘Super Single’, tentative titled Human Zoo, a four-song release of the material we started mid 2019. Representing the line up of Dave Costa, Mel Schantz, Guillermo Santacruz and Phil Moore, these are the four songs that were to have been included in a full length, but given the recent line up changes, we decided to finish the four and get on with the new full length in 2020. We will release the full songs on all digital platforms: Reverbnation, CD Baby, Bandcamp, Soundcloud and so on. In fact, we may package up some CDs or Vinyl 7”s for release via our primary website www.UnitFmusic.com.

The Super Single concept is something we are going to play with. As it happens, we will probably release the hard copies with artwork later, and perhaps bundle it up with some new merch thingies. The songs include Memo (to myself), Jesus Saves (sarcasm here people), Human Zoo and It’s Okay. Lyrics will be posted as well, and who knows, maybe a video or two. Feel free to leave your comments….absolutely everywhere.

Unit F has a long history of putting on good shows and making good records, and we no intention of changing that in 2020. We want to express our appreciation for all of your support at the shows, in person and online….for the bands we have played with and the clubs and festivals we have played…and to express gratitude for all those who have done so much to help us to bring this music to life! Stay tuned for more details and thank you everyone who have been relentlessly supporting us for all these years.

We will see you soon!

Cheers! Mel, the singer guy, Unit F

Fall 2019 


So we were well into the recording of our fourth full length, playing a few good local summer shows, when the inexplicable happened.

Perhaps it is more common than not, but those of you who are in bands know full well that the business of being in a working band, is equal parts work, talent, more work, practice, perseverance, and luck. Take those aspects and multiply them by the number of people in the band, and their significant others, and you can begin to understand the complexity of this thing called chemistry. Not to mention how easy it is for things to go south.

Songwriting is no easy thing either, and neither is the recording process beyond the impromptu jam. It takes thought and talent to put on a good performance, and the favorable aspects of a good club, a good bill and a good scene aside, there are all the afore mentioned factors which have to occur before you ever hit the stage.

Unit F has a long history of putting on good shows and making good records. With the latest lineup, we were stoked to have readied some 13-16 songs for the next record, and the shows scheduled were bangers. The summer and fall of 2019 were looking good....and then, oh yeah, here we go, as they say, a 'problem'. A slight 'hiccup'. A speed bump, so to speak.

Due to circumstances beyond our control, Phil our drummer suddenly and unexpectedly checked out of active status (still alive to be clear). Personal issues got the best of him, and we will leave it at that, but it put us in the unsavory position of having to forego a few shows, and we’ve had put the full length on hold…. for now.

So there It is. Just picking up the pieces, expressing gratitude for the good things and experiences we have had doing this punk rock thing, expressing appreciation to everyone who have enjoyed the shows and the music, and then turning to do what it takes to keep that train rolling. And not just for us, but because you guys dig it too...that's really what makes it worth doing. 

So, we are looking for a dynamic, expressive drummer who can work a back beat, hit the tribal beats, and bring a precision and rhythm to a burner. We are looking for a percussionist who is ready to embrace our vision of punk, goth, and esoteric rock. Think TSOL meets Killing Joke, with Pawns and 1919 lurking in the background. Think Dead Kennedys meets System of a Down. Think Flat Worms playing Bad Religion jams. I’m sure that makes it oh so clear.

The bottom line is we are looking to finish this record so we can get back to the business of having fun and playing shows. The songs are topical, interesting and good (in our humble opinion). Contact us at mel4noise@aol.com if interested, cause we got the roughs.

In the meantime, we will ready the four songs we have ready for release: Memo (To Myself), Jesus Saves, Human Zoo and Its Okay will be posted online in all the usual formats, including here. Stay tuned for more details and thank you everyone who have been relentlessly supporting us for all these years. We will see you soon!

Cheers! Mel, the singer guy, and Unit F

Ecocide CD Release # 1 

For Immediate Release 

January 10, 2018, 

Orange County’s UNIT F Releases New Album- Ecocide: Songs of Dysfunction, CD release 

Orange County’s socio-political punk rock band Unit F has announced the full release of its latest album Ecocide: Songs of Dysfunction. Unit F will be playing a CD Release party at the Karman Bar located in Laguna Niguel, on January 19, 2018. “ We are going to do a bunch of them, but this first one will be with just good bands and friends. If all goes right, we should be doing one each month. In different areas of course” said lead singer Mel Schantz. 

The Karman Bar is located at 26022 Cape Drive in Laguna Niguel, Cailfiornia, and the show starts at 8:00 pm. Scheduled to join Unit F are 390, The Whinning Pussys, The Bindles and Darkie Dark and the Junkie Bunch. 

The release of Ecocide marks another new chapter in bands the long running history, even as they celebrate the release their fourth full length album Ecocide: Songs of Dysfunction. The nine track album is self-produced effort (Greg Hetson assisting on mixing) which riffs on such cheery modern themes as social dystopia; environment collapse and cultural amnesia. 

Indeed it has been a busy couple of years for the band. Since 2015, when ex-45 Grave guitarist and Sound Cage Studio owner Mark Bolton joined the band, they went on a tear writing new songs and playing shows in Orange County, San Diego, Los Angeles, Santa Barbara and Las Vegas. “Yeah, the response has been so good. I mean the feed back we keep getting on the new material, means that it translates well to the stage. And that’s so important…that the music continues to mean something. It really has been an incredible ride.” 

“Unit F is a punk band, both in attitude and in a sonic sense…” Schantz continued, “but we expand the envelope as far as punk is concerned especially in terms of the song writing. Not as fast as some bands, but still hard hitting…and intense. Some say we sound like an OC band, some say we sound like no other band.” 

The new release marks another accomplishment for the Orange County, CA punk outfit known for their raucous stage performances and brash, scathing sound as they take the stage with musical friends and hero’s, but the release of Ecocide, the bands sixth (overall) release, is significant as well. Early play on several internet radio stations in Southern California has brought a new round of energy for the band, and the early reviews of Ecocide, which features the artwork of Orange County artist Scott Harding, have been exceptional. 

“It definitely took a while to get the right artwork done, and we lucky enough to collaborate with Harding (who also sings for Mr. Firley). Scott had a grasp of what we are saying, and really put together some phenomenal concepts that are the kind of visuals that are cool, but make you consider what is being said in the music” noted Schantz. 

“The next step will be to meld some of those concepts into the kind of media visuals that will make for some cool videos. Those who turn out for the CD release parties are likely to be a part of that” he continued. Currently, Ecocide: Songs of Dysfunction is available on several digital platforms, but the physical disc is available at shows, through the bands website www.UnitFmusic.com, or through CD Baby. 

The title is pretty self explanatory, and derived from a lyric from the song Blacksnake (“We’ve committed, Ecocide/ ahh we all lost our goddamn minds ‘Cause it’s Ecocide). “Yeah, and its not just an album about oil pipelines (Standing Rock, the XL, etc) or our endless insatiable addiction to all the extraction industries, it’s about all the ways we mindlessly continue to disrespect the spirit of earth, our home really, in favor of greed and material benefit. It’s about the relentless destruction of all the natural systems of this amazing, living earth. Its not just about how we are destroying our home, it’s also about what we are doing to ourselves in the process…and why; Its about where we are, and how the hell we got here.” Ecocide. Indeed…. 

For more info on Unit F be sure to visit: 




For band interviews, photos & review copies contact- 

Mel4noise@aol.com 714-749-7949 


L-R Mark Bolton, Dave Costa, Phil Moore, Guillermo Santacruz, Mel Schantz 

Album Notes 

Ecocide is Unit F's fourth full length release. It was recorded at Sound Studio in Brea, California by Mark Bolton (45 Grave, The Bells, Unit F) who owns the studio, over the course of 2016 and 2017. Additional mixing assistance was rendered by Greg Hetson (Redd Kross, Bad Religion, Circle Jerks), who also assisted on the making of Unit F's Comes the Day (2014) and American Shutdown (2012). 

Ecocide was a work in progress that developed from the newest line up that emerged late in 2015 after the release of Comes the Day. David Costa took the guitar work featured on Comes the Day, and began writing with Guillermo Santa Cruz on Bass and Phil Moore joining on drums. Mel Schantz found plenty of vocal lines and inspiration, and when Mark Bolton joined the band, the resulting vibe became songs like Berkeley Streets, Look Up Bro, Horrifying and Decay. 

Bolton used the availability of his studio to begin the songs that would become Bad Monkeys, Blacksnake, Falter and Raven. Of course, Ride II is a rerecording of the classic first featured on American Shutdown, but with new vocal and guitar parts. And, the collaboration of the entire band in the recording process meant that in each song, there are parts which bear the audio stamps of all the members. From Bolton's distinct leads and octaves, to Costa's searing solos, Guillermo’s bass lines and Phil's drumming, there is a unique continuity and a texture to the rock. 

Mel Schantz uses several vocal approaches from sneering sarcasm to scathing broadsides, sometime's political, sometimes ironic. With Guillermo’s back up and the band gang vocals, the stories told display a unique voicing. Distinct harmony lines that echo the octaves of the guitars and present plenty of sing along choruses also get 

accentuated by guest vocalist Mika Carlson who appears on a couple of numbers: an amazing ethereal female voicing with an esoteric bent that lends a listenable contrast to the dark themes presented. 

Irony of course, is not lost on the band, and somehow the topical concerns of the political landscape past and present, the destruction of the planet, one ecosystem at a time, and our own wars with each other are given a context whose timeliness is farsighted. 

Ecocide is an album about our current condition, taking snapshots of modern society and tracing the roots. Hence the thematic similarity of songs such as Horrifying, Bad Monkeys, Look Up Bro, Falter, Decay and Raven. Songs of Dysfunction bring a unique and modern sonic approach that brings melody to the rock, but express an urgency in a true punk rock fashion. In this way, Unit F continues its tradition of melding music with meaning and message with art. After all, as D. Boone (Minutemen) once said 'Punk rock is what we make it'. 

Track Listing and Credits 

1. Bad Monkeys 
2. Berkeley Streets 
3. Look Up Bro 
4. Blacksnake 
5. Horrifying 
6. Falter 
7. Raven 
8. Decay 
9. Ride II 

Recorded at Sound Cage, Brea California 
Recorded and Engineered by Mark Bolton 
Mixed by Mark Bolton, Unit F and Greg Hetson 
Mastered at Buzzbomb Studios by Paul Miner 
Art concepts, Layout and Design by Scott Harding and Mel Schantz 

Guest vocals by Mika Carlson on Raven, Decay and Blacksnake

Ten Best Performances of Its Not Dead (a review)  

These performances from It’s Not Dead 2 would make our latest punk compilation 

By MICHELLE MILLS | mjmills@scng.com | San Gabriel Valley Tribune 

PUBLISHED: August 27, 2017 at 12:29 pm | UPDATED: August 28, 2017 at 8:42 am 

Looking over the crowd at “It’s Not Dead 2” at Glen Helen Amphitheater in Devore Saturday, Aug. 26, there was a mixed sea of ages, ethnicities and fashions. It seemed as if more people had turned out because of the popularity of festivals than of punk. 

The stage names were probably lost on the bulk of the audience, too, as the smaller stages referenced now-defunct iconic Southern California punk venues — Cuckoo’s Nest (Costa Mesa), Fenders (Ballroom, in Long Beach) and Olympic (as in Auditorium, Los Angeles). The main stage honored Gary Tovar, who founded Goldenvoice to promote punk shows long before it was a national festival juggernaut, and the late Mike “Gabby” Gaborno, the lead singer of the Cadillac Tramps and Manic Hispanic who died in January. 

However, both punk bands and festivals are noted for putting out compilation discs, here are our picks of who and what we would put on our “It’s Not Dead 2” record. 


Channel 3: Their most outstanding number was “Manzanar,” a tune about the Japanese-American internment camp during World War II. “They didn’t exactly teach you that in school,” Channel 3 lead singer/guitarist Mike Magrann said of the song backstage after their performance. 

Reagan Youth: This band got together not simply to make music, but because they had something to say. And for a great example of early ‘80s political punk, “Reagan Youth,” with it’s chaotic, changeable beat makes the cut. 

The Interrupters: “It’s Not Dead 2” promoter Kevin Lyman touted this ska/punk group as “the future of punk.” As they dove into their tune, “This is the New Sound,” one young fan said she had seen The Interrupters four times and adores them because they are “upbeat and you can dance to them.” The large audience certainly had a hard time keeping still during this song. 

GBH: “Knife Edge” is the hands-down winner here. Dust was rising from the mosh pit and suddenly a man in a wheelchair appeared surfing the crowd, chair and all. Now that’s punk. 

UNIT F: The Cuckoo’s Nest consisted of a trailer stage away from everything else and was a bit hard find, but Unit F’s fans turned out and grew during their show. The best treat was “Decay” off the new album, “Ecocide: Songs of Dysfunction,” about how we are ruining the environment and ourselves. It’s a wake-you-up tune and that was met with the crowd’s approval. 

Buzzcocks: Long before Green Day brought pop into punk, there was the Buzzcocks. Their pop-punk grooves were at their height in “What Do I Get?,” a tune about longing for a lover and only losing sleep. They also got a big applause. 

The Adicts: It’s hard to pick one song with the theatrical and exciting show this group put on, but what was most impressive was the ability of lead vocalist Keith Warren’s ability to go for a laugh and pull it off with finesse. He already awed the crowd with his sparkly silver slacks and towards the end of the set donned a Chinese takeout box costume for “Chinese Takeaway.” Adding to the fun, he opened a normal sized takeout box and used chopsticks to pull streamers from it and tossed them into the pleased crowd. 

Dropkick Murphys: There was an audible “Oh!” from the audience when they announced they were going to perform “Rose Tattoo.” For this soulful song, they invited record producer Ted Hutt to join them onstage with an acoustic guitar and had the bulk of the crowd singing along, too. 

Rancid: Although at this point in the show there were several small groups of people glued to their cell phones watching the Mayweather/McGregor fight, everyone paid attention when the group dedicated “It’s Quite Alright” to Mike Gaborno. It was the most moving moment of the festival. 

Encore: Dropkick Murphys and Rancid combined forces to end the evening with a short set of cover tunes. Johnny Cash’s classic “Folsom Prison Blues” was an unexpected number that showed the true talent of the two bands and how many musical genres can shine through in punk. 

Michelle Mills 

Michelle Mills has been an entertainment and features reporter for the Southern California News Group since 1999. She has interviewed such notables as "Weird Al" Yankovic, Glen Campbell, Alice Cooper, Debbie Allen, Ernest Borgnine (during an earthquake) and Adam Young (Owl City). She was the 31st Occasional Pasadena Doo Dah Parade Queen reigning 2007-2009. She is a professional belly dancer (swordwork is her specialty) and also studies Polynesian and Tahitian dance.


Decay from Ecocide: Songs of Dysfunctio


Highwire Daze Interview 


Unit F interview for Highwire Daze 

1. Introduce yourself, what you do in the band, and where you are based out of? 

Mel Schantz: Vocals- My name is Mel Schantz, the vocalist and one of the song writers of Unit F, an Orange County, California band. I basically jump around and make dramatic faces, and when the guys come up with some sonic madness that makes sense to me, I am inspired to use my worldview to craft words into lyrics, which hopefully become songs worth listening to. I grew up in Orange County, traveled a bit and am back here in this well located suburban hell. 

David Costa: Guitars- My name is David Costa, I play loud electric lead guitar in UNIT-F for 7 years. 
UNIT F is based out out Orange County, California. 

Guillermo Santacruz: Bass, vocals- My name is Gui, and I play bass. From Santa Ana, Ca. 

Ryan Hadley: Drums- My name is Ryan Hadley and I am the drummer for Unit F. I am based out of south Orange County. 

2. What are you looking forward to the most about the It’s Not Dead Festival? 

Mel Schantz: Vocals- Well, it is an amazing event, a true punk rock festival on a scale that probably only Kevin Lyman and his team could make happen, Punk Rock Bowling not withstanding. 

The line up of bands ranges from some of the ‘founding fathers of punk rock’, to those who kept punk rock alive from the 80’s, into the 90’s and through the 2000nds. Bands that have come from some of punk rocks originators, like OFF!, and the Wraths, bands like GBH, the Buzzcocks and The Adicts and Channel 3. ‘Newer’ bands like the Wilhelm Scream, Me First and others, and of course those bands that have kept it going and are still doing great: Unit F, the Grim, Rancid, Spider, the Voodoo Glow Skulls and The Casualties. 

Ska bands, rock bands. So much variety that really shows the diversity of Punk Rock. Four stages featuring bands that made music history, and are still making Punk Rock what it is today: vibrant, non-conforming, and certainly NOT DEAD! 

And of course, of enormous importance, the other events like Arts Not Dead, showcasing the artists of Punk Rock…from the photographers to the artists: Jenifer Finch (L7) Bad Otis Links and more. And how about those punk rockers who have turned into author, featured at Punks Well Read with Jack Grisham (TSOL-American Demon, The Principals of Recovery ), Jim Lindberg (PunkGuru.com, The F Word), and Keith Morris (Off!, Circle Jerks, Black Flag and author of Damaged). 

So cool. So diverse. Oh, and we are looking forward to playing! All Ages baby!! 

David Costa: Guitars- I am looking forward to play live on the Vans off the Wall Stage at It's Not Dead Festival & I am happy to see & meet new life long friends. 

Guillermo Santacruz: Bass, vocals- Playing this festival and seeing bands that I have never seen. 

Ryan Hadley: Drums- Playing with a lot of really great bands. 

3. What could one expect from your live show at the It’s Not Dead Festival? 

Mel Schantz: Vocals- Well, Unit F will be delivering a similar set to that which we have been playing from 2016 through this year. The setlist starts out with Same Ol Story, from our 2013 EP, and then goes into Direct Action Now from Comes the Day (2015). We then deliver with an old crowd favorite Ride followed by a couple of tunes from our new album Ecocide. 

Unit F is a punk band, both in attitude and in a sonic sense…but we expand the envelope as far as punk is concerned especially in terms of the song writing. Not as fast as some bands, but still hard hitting…and intense. Some say we sound like an OC band, some say we sound like no other band. I think fans and people who have never seen us can expect an intense, well played set: lots of guitars, some tongue in cheek humor, some direct messages about making a difference and whole lot of passion delivered with great guitar riffs, a churning bass and rocking drums. 

David Costa: Guitars- UNIT F will be playing some of our newest songs off our new album called ECOCIDE. The album title name is because the world is in such turmoil. 

Guillermo Santacruz: Bass, vocals-Playing good songs with lots of energy! 

Ryan Hadley: Drums- Solid music with a lot of energy 

4. What is the name of your latest or upcoming CD or EP and what inspired the title? 

Mel Schantz: Vocals- The name of the new 9 song album is Ecocide: Songs of Dysfunction. The title is derived from a lyric in our song Blacksnake (“we’ve committed, Ecocide/damn, we all lost our goddamn minds”), a song about oil pipelines (Standing Rock, the XL, etc) and our addiction to extraction industries. It is about how we mindlessly continue to destroy the earth in favor of greed, material benefit, and the destruction of the living system of this amazing, living earth. Its about what we are doing to ourselves; where we are, and how we got here. 

5. Select two songs you may be playing in your set and what inspired the lyrics. 

Mel Schantz: Vocals- One of the songs is Bad Monkeys. Again, its about how we, as humans have become parasitic, if not suicidal, how we have quickly usurped balance for dominion (“Bad Monkeys/Good Planet, We’re a plague!”) 

Another song is Raven, which Mark Bolton wrote. It has a goth/gothpunk feel to it. And I use the Raven as a totem of magic, seeing and change, as the symbol that “eats the mouse” of the corrupted priesthood which has been the scourge of the Catholic Church. The viewpoint is that of the native American tribes…and how they suffered under the genocide of the Church and Christanity in general, which, ironically, was not limited to the Native Americans. In the name of salvation, the destruction of culture and its wisdom ensued. It is about the exorcism of that dark influence which is the corruption of a religion. (“For you…are not forgiven/A pox back to your house. Sancti Nex/Sancti Interitum/The Raven is in the house). 

David Costa: Guitars- One of the songs UNIT F will be performing is called Horrifying written about all the horror in the world, and how we just keep ignoring it. Another song UNIT F will be performing is called DECAY written about dysfunction surrounding us all. 

6. Any strange or unusual happening in the past while out on the road or at a show? 

Mel Schantz: Vocals- Hard to pinpoint one event. We have been playing for over 15 years, including stints on the Warped Tour. Some of those stories….cannot be told, if only because they may or may not involve ‘retribution’ for rookie band violations of the unwritten Punk Rock code. 

On the other hand, during our last show of 2016….we were performing our last song of the night, Decay…which is another song that ties the esoteric past to the present. Before we started, and right after we played Raven, this guy wedges through the crowd and sticks his hand toward me, holding this black object while I am doing the spoken word outro. 

He continues to hold this object, thrusting it at me as the final chords ring out…and the first chords of Decay rev up. I finally take it…and it is a huge, worked piece of obsidian… blackrock, which is used for many spiritual purposes. I was amazed….and so I take it…holding this big piece, and finish the song…and afterward, I am looking at it, kind of stunned. It was, to say the least, significant…and I still use it in my rituals. But I could never find the guy afterwards…he disappeared! So random, but so cool. A co-incidence or an incident? 

David Costa: Guitars- One of the unusual happenings out on the road was in Las Vegas our home away from home. Something that sticks in my mind is when we were having technical difficulties with our bass rig during our set. Knowing we had a gig next night, I was thinking what are we going to do? Before I had my guitar put away, our Las Vegas friend Cody Leavitt who plays for New Cold War and People's Whiskey asks us what we needed? I told him what we needed & the gear was delivered to the club next night, UNIT F had another great show. thanks to Cody & the punk rock brotherhood that Las Vegas has & the love for all bands. 
I will never forget that. 

Guillermo Santacruz: Bass, vocals- Dave breaking a string then having it fixed by the time his solo came around. Another time my old drummer and I left for a gig in Santa Barbara over an hour before the band just so we could hit as many record stores we could in between, and still got there over an hour before the rest of the band. 

Ryan Hadley: Drums- I played a warehouse show in East LA with my old band, and suddenly it just started pouring rain. Everything started shorting out, the PA and the amps, and I just kept playing. A moment where I was like almost playing by myself. Its a drummer thing... 

7. What is favorite punk rock record of all time and why? 

Mel Schantz: Vocals- Too many: Fresh Fruit for Rotting Vegtables (Dead Kennedys)? Fear of Life (Channel 3)? The New Dark Ages (Bad Religion)? Wasted Years (OFF!)? or the latest from Jello Biafra and Guantanamo School of Medicine. Hmmm, might want to include the obscure TSOL Who is Fucking Who in there as well. Bad question man. Unanswerable! (for me). 

David Costa: Guitars-I enjoy all Ramones albums. They are the godfathers of punk rock. 

Guillermo Santacruz: Bass, vocals- Group Sex, the Circle Jerks. It was my first punk rock album…I had no clue you could legally write fast songs of that material subject. Yeah 

Ryan Hadley: Drums-The Subhumans, Ep-Lp. I listened to that record so many times in my teenage years, that I know all the lyrics. 

8. If you could open up for any band, either now or from the past, who would it be and why? 

Mel Schantz: Vocals-Oh, again a tough one. Unit F has been honored to play with so many such asr Bad Religion, the Circle Jerks and TSOL, played on bills with Pennywise and Shattered Faith, Channel 3, Electric Frankenstien,DRI, Legal Weapon, Rikk Agnew and D.I. those were nothing short of great…and I would love to play with them again. Now we get to play with Rancid, OFF!, the Adicts, GBH and a bunch more. 

So, going forward, hmm, perhaps Jello and the Guantanamo School of Medicine, The Damned, Saccharine Trust, Iggy Pop, The Adolescents. The Subhumans. Going back, the Doors. 

David Costa: Guitars-I am going to enjoy opening/playing on same bill as RANCID, when I saw them play back in the early 90s (93) "Lets Go" tour at the Hollywood Paladium. that show changed my life. 

Guillermo Santacruz: Bass, vocals-Circle Jerks. Cream. Oh, and Woodstock (all of the bands!) 

Ryan Hadley: Drums- The Subhumans, again. I toured with them in my old band in 2016. My favorite band growing up, and still today. 

9. Do you have any messages for It’s Not Dead Festival attendees this year? 

Mel Schantz: Vocals 

Sure: Let’s rock this. Let have fun, and make sure to see all the bands. Don’t forget to take the time to check out Arts Not Dead and Punks Well Read; some true punk rock heroes will be displaying the photographs and art, and signing books that show who we are. Remember, these experiences we have today, will be music history some day. Let’s make some memories, discover new bands and rock out with the ones we all know! 

David Costa: Guitars- 

would advise all the punk rockers to dydrate/drink lots of water. it's going to be a long hot day. have fun & be safe, help your fellow punk rockers that need help. Lets do this "It's Not Dead festival" again next year. 

Guillermo Santacruz: Bass, vocals- 

No speeches! (that’s for my singer) 

Ryan Hadley: Drums- 

Best get to the show early...take advantage of the opportunity to see all these great bands. 

see you at the show!

For Immediate Release 

June 28, 2017 

UNIT F to play Zebfest, a benefit show for local injured motorcyclist and music fan Zeb Reynolds 


Orange County based socio-political band Unit F will be playing a benefit show to assist with the medical costs for a recovering music fan, Zeb Reynolds. Reynolds was riding his motorcycle in Huntington Beach when another car broadsided him on May 1, 2017. 

The benefit, organized by fellow musician Nick Nicioli of the band Rockets Dead Glare, will be held on July 8th, 2017, at Fitzgerald’s Pub, in Huntington Beach. Unit F will join the Rockets Dead Glare, Twitching Fingers and NDE, and starts at 8 pm. “ 

“We are happy that we can be a part of a musical community that cares enough to do something for a fan who is, in essence, one of our own” said Mel Schantz, the singer and founder of Unit F. “And that’s what makes the punk rock community special….there is a bond between the bands and the fans, between the music and those who support it. At the end of the day, we are a family, dysfunctional or not, we support those who need it….and Zeb is in really rough shape.”. 

Show organizers will be conducting a raffle, and Unit F plans to be a part of that as well. “I’m sure there will be some really cool items raffled…maybe an advance of our upcoming album Ecocide, a shirt or two or maybe even a couple of passes to see us at Its Not Dead Fest in August. Its all for the cause…” continued Schantz. Indeed that will be the case as organizers for the punk festival scheduled for August 26th , donated as well. 

More information including updates on Zebs condition can be found on the facebook pages for all related events, including one hosted by Zeb’s sister as the Long Live Zeb page and a link to a sponsored Gofundme account for Zeb as well. 

For more info on Unit F be sure to visit: 




For Unit F press interviews & review music contact- 

Mel4noise@aol.com (714) 749-7949 or email: mel4noise@aol.com